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Financial Assistance

The Breast Cancer Support Group of Southwestern Colorado offers several types of financial assistance to those diagnosed with breast cancer and to their family members.

Financial assistance is available for a variety of breast cancer medical procedures including mammograms, ultrasound, and surgical consultations for applicants who qualify.

Educational assistance is available to breast cancer survivors, and scholarships are available to the immediate family members of any parent or guardian diagnosed with breast cancer.

For those going through breast cancer treatments, hats, scarves, wigs, bras and prosthesis supplies are available at the Bosom Buddies office.

More information on the financial assistance we offer and applications for assistance can be found on the individual pages below.

Medical Assistance | Educational Assistance | Available Supplies

In 2021 Bosom Buddies helped 251 people with close to $55,000 in medical financial assistance and awarded three scholarships.

We need your help to keep our assistance programs going at this pace.
Support the residents of Southwestern Colorado who are dealing with the devasting effects of breast cancer.


Please support our sponsors as they support all of us