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About Us | Bosom Buddies of Southwestern Colorado
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About Bosom Buddies

Breast cancer can be diagnosed in anyone at any time – women and men, young and old. But, once you hear the words “You have breast cancer,” you will never be the same. You start to feel separated from everyone around you because there is no way they can understand how you feel. These fears can lead to a loneliness that can be overwhelming.

We are the Breast Cancer Support Group of Southwestern Colorado, aka Bosom Buddies, and we understand because we are breast cancer survivors.

We are here to help you deal with your diagnosis, your treatments, and the changes in your life that this disease brings to you and your family.

Find out more about what we do and who we are because, with us, you are one step closer to help and hope.


What We Do

Our mission welcomes women and men dealing with breast cancer by providing support discussions, financial assistance, wigs and supplies, and emotional and practical support. We:

  • Host support discussions upon request for women and men dealing with breast cancer
  • Provide financial assistance for mammograms and other breast cancer related medical expenses to underserved women and men in southwestern Colorado
  • Help more than 200 women and men each year with medical financial assistance
  • Make available hats, scarves, wigs, bras and prosthesis
  • Award scholarships to the children of a parent or guardian diagnosed with breast cancer, and to breast cancer survivors who reside in southwestern Colorado
  • Provide financial assistance for counseling services for children of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer


Who We Are

We are thriving breast cancer survivors.

We are here to give you a voice in your recovery.

We are here to listen.

We are here to help because we know, from experience, that we are stronger together.


2023 Bosom Buddies Board Of Directors

  • Denise Distel, Walk/Run Chairperson
  • Patti Powel, 14-year-survivor
  • Kim Silva-Jones, 21-year-survivor
  • Jenny Sullivan, 27-year-survivor
  • Lori Webb, 22-year-survivor
  • Denise Weaver, 9-year-survivor
  • Kathe White, OTR, CLT – Certified Lymphedema Therapist
  • Phyllis Wiesner, 28-year-survivor
  • Sue Zanol, 7-year-survivor
  • Chris Bonatti, 35-year-survivor, Founder and Honorary Member